Made from hand cast and polished concrete, our tealight holders reflect our island’s natural environment

 Great gifts, either individually or as a set.
Our Tea lights are backed with a natural wool felt base and include a free tea-light. 

An attractive and unique tea light holder that brings a little piece of ocean-eroded rocky shore to your home.
120x90x60mm – 580g
Coaster – set of four
An essential and practical addition to finish off our range – a set of hand made coasters. Ideal as bases for our candle holders, fragranced candles or even your gin and tonic!
100x100x15mm – 770g
Small volcanic bomb
… so cute! They nestle comfortably on any surface, as attractive unlit as they are lighting up your home.
60×70 – 390g

Large volcanic bomb
Substantial and tactile, our large Bomb makes a great table centre and conversation piece. 
Yes! Volcanic bombs exist!
90×95 – 950g
Why not go for the whole lot? Great value at a discounted price of just
Simply make your colour choice  – See below.
All over the island you’ll see windmills, fortifications and lookout posts. Our range wouldn’t be complete without them. A handy size for everyday use. 
85x60mm – 400g

Colour options…

Basalt is a light, neutral tone, chosen to complement any decor taking its cue from ancient fast-flowing and rapidly cooling lava flows, textured with bubbles of decompressed volcanic gasses.

Oxide is warm, with a natural, traditional feel, reminiscent of lava which has been exposed to the elements for millennia. Iron-rich minerals break down and oxidise, resulting in colours that range from sandy pink through to dark red/brown. 

 Lava is a striking, contemporary and elegant choice. All around us we see evidence of more recent eruptions – characterised by darker greys and a dynamic, fluid appearance.