Our candle holders are hand cast, finished and painted;
lightweight and durable they make perfect gifts. 

All of our holders are designed to hold our hand-poured petroleum-free fragranced candles and are backed with sustainably produced cork – suitable to be used on any surface without fear of damage.

“Flora” range

Introducing our Fora range… New for 2021

Hand painted with metallic red/gold
Green/silver metallic paint
Hand finished in green/gold

“Flora” candle holders accept our 13cl Glass Candles with the fragrances of your choice from our extensive range.
Price including one candle is just 20,50€, or 25,50€ with a second.

“Pozo” range

Pozo is the Spanish word for a well. On such an arid island, wells have historic importance to life in Lanzarote and you’ll see them everywhere, though most are now no longer in use..

“Pozo” including one 10cl container candle
Complete with second candle
“Pozo” including one 25cl container candle
Complete with second candle

“Caldera” range

With over 300 volcanic craters on Lanzarote, we’ve included “Calderas” to our range.

“Caldera” with one 10cl container candle
Complete with second candle

“Caldera” with one 25cl container candle
Complete with a second candle